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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 14, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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ability took leader. >> i'm a great deal maker. ben is a doctor, he's not a deal maker. i'll make great deals for our country. >> he may think he's a good deal maker. candidate carly fiorina doesn't think he's a good leader. >> i think donald trump is an entertainer and i think i am a leader and so what i do is talk to the american people about the issues they care about and i think they hear what i'm talking about. >> meanwhile, on the democratic side, bernie sanders is surging in the poll. last night he held a meeting in greensburg, north carolina. there were between 3 and 4,000 fans in the crowd. among democratic voters, hillary clinton is still leading. . well, clinton may be leading in that poll, but another poll shows senator sanders is ahead in iowa and new hampshire.
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this comes amid the most asked questions about her e-mail server. kristen walker has more on her personal e-mail account. >> reporter: the washington post reporting the company that managed her private e-mail server says it has no knowledge of the server being wiped, meaning some of clinton's 30,000 e-mails she says were delete may be recoverable t. clinton campaign isn't commenting on that report. it's a topic clinton has tried to downplay in the past. >> what like with a cloth or something? >> the issue continues to take a to him t. latest "cbs news" ugov poll has him topping her in iowa 43 to 33%, in new hampshire, 52 to 30. vice president biden who hasn't announced a run comes in third in both matchups. >> i think we are generating a lot of excitementment not only in iowa and new hampshire. but all across this country. >> that means larger voter turnout. >> clinton holds a more than
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20,000 lead in south carolina. the majority of democrats polled say the e-mail issue just didn't matter. >> that was kristen welker reporting. some amazing images to show you of a volcano erupting on a japanese island. mount aso erupted monday morning. police evacuated people from the mound tainsidement they are checking to see in any hikers are in that restricted area. due to the 6500 tall ash cloud you are watching, there has been no reports of injury or damage. germany is shutting its doors to the tens of thousands of people fleeing war in the ar middle east. the germans have been very hospitable thus far, but now they admit they just can't handle all the people taking asylum. neither can hungry.
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it show, austria's chancellor did not see deportations in the holocaust. right now it is a country full of heart breaking stories, like this one, w h lesterhold hold, who is oak there. >> reporter: this child has just been brought across the border. he couldn't walk on the road. he looks flush and dehydrated. right now no one can seem to find her mother orbuny of her family. moments later, she appears, the child pregnant mother the younger child is also sick. >> if you look hard enough, there are tales of hope and survival. for those you can tune into lester holt from hungary tonight. pope frances arrived a week from tomorrow into the u.s. as you can imagine, security is time. it is a huge concern. now a specific threat, though, according to homeland committee chairman michael mccaul. >> we are monitoring very closely threats against the pope as he comes into the united states.
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we have disrupted one particular case, in particular. but as they datehapproaches, i think we're all very, being very vigila to protect him as he comes into the united states. >> and how is this for popularity? socal opinion scalpers are charging hundreds of thousands for tickets to see the pope. flick city was crowned last night. >> your new miss america is miss georgia! >> yep, miss georgia is this year's iss america. betty cantrel. she will receive a $50,000 so holarship and face a dip in the ocean later this morning. the night had a serious note. sam haskell took a moment to talk about the year that caused vanessa williams to resign.
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>> on behalf of today's organization, i want to apologize for anything that was said or done that made you feel any less of the miss america you are and the miss america you always will be. >> williams was the first african-american woman to be crowned miss america. she thanked haskell for the apology and his leadership. now, it is starting to feel like fall in some place, nbc meteorologist bill kierans is here with the latest on that. it seems like right after labor day the days changes. >> the day seems to get shorter and we have a big warm-up.ll i want to show you showers and thunderstorms. arizona into phoenix, it can make for some beautiful photography. a lot of these thunderstorms are usually a little higher elevation and so you get a very good view of all the lightning, from the time lapse, it looks cool, a little dust storm there. overnight, we had numerous
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showers and storms from phoenix to tucson. expect more beautifulnimagery probably during the day today. also in the feast, you had a miserable day yesterday, it was cool, rainy. still in the andirondacks, that will be leaving during the day t. return of summer-like heat. first in the middle of the country. we will see the warmth in the middle. high pressure building here. this is where summer will be y like. then in the east, we're chili this morning. we'll warm up there. the next three day, we're in the '80s and 90s. '80s all the way up to minnesota. that's some great weather for minnesota middle of september. in the east, we start today with a beautiful, cool day, temperatures in the 70s as far south as raleigh. then we warm it up. d.c. mid-80s, new york city mid-80s. boston should be '80s. maybe not everyone is completely done with their air-conditioning yet. that's your national weather. here's a closer look at your
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ay ahead. those are some of the hotter spots today in the nation. mostly in texas. 94 in amarillo today. we take those 90s from denver to the middle of the country to rapid city. we should top out around 92. >> i know you like summer. >> i do. thank you, bill. straight ahead, sad news on the death of an nba legend and food news commuters everywhere are smiling. you are watching "early today." . hing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad...
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. . >> welcome back, everybody, three 18-year-olds have been arrested in arizona. they're accused of using a sling shot who hit drivers with a rock near phoenix. they will be charged with assault and criminal damage. auy thorities say thut are not connecicd tohe 11 freeway shootings reported in the last two weeks.
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and battle kentucky clerk to work today. shr,e was jailed for five days for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples after the supreme court issued marriage licenses in june. it davis's hometown. dear kim davis the fact that you can't sell your daughter for three get tos goats and a cwh means we have already changed the definition of marriage. a biker thrown on he road. boy did it look bad, though? fortunately, they're not injured. nba legend moses malone died yesterday at the age of 60. he led philly to the nba championship in 1983. he was a three time mvp and inducted into the mvp hall of fame in 2001.
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he died in his sleep in a arginia hotel room. oes malone was 60-years-old. gasoline prices have dropped 27 cents over the past three weeks and over a buck-and-a-half here alone according to latest lungberg survey a. gallon of p unleaded is 2.44. facebook is orking on an app for a different view, mark cuban says he would crush trump and likely beat hillary if he ran as a democrat. new rules for parents and college students looking for financial aid. starting in october, next year, they will be able to apply threeu.months earlier using the previous year's tax returns. just ahead, the nfsiseason, it is here, a full rundown of the biggest games and top plays, including the things you love, that i loae, or you may even hate 'em. who knows?
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this morning on "t ay" matt lauer's exclusive interview with joyce mitchell. these helped inmates escape. >> you walked right in the prison. nobody checked your bags? >> no.
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>> in it you had hacksaw blades. >> yes. >>re you are in deep trouble at this point? >> yes, i am. >> don't miss the exclusive video. right now we begin with football night in america. the giants and cowboys at at&t stadium, dallas trail them with 13 seconds left in the game. cowboys have the ball at the 12 yard line, tony romo drops the snap, is able recover and find a favorite target jake whiten with the score. cowboys when a close one, 27-26. all right, next two heisman quarterbacks making their nfl debut, marcus mariota and the titans, first quartemireariota finds kim bo wright. davison freeway jameis winston steps up, orops back. his first nfl catch i intercepted. returned for a touchdown. a tough debut for the number one overall pick. he finished with two touchdowns
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and two interceptions. rating. not bad. titans win it big 22 to 14. next unseahawks lead 21-34, nick foltz deep to wide opened lance kind district for the score, 1st down, one yard to extend the game. marshawn lynch is stuck in the backfield for the loss. ra win it 34-31. novak djokovic had federer wind up with unforced errors. a great way to cap off oyear for djokovic. so low budget movies, they made huge bucks at the box office this weekend.
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(music plays) people are both soft and strong, which is why our products arearoo. and we believe in value, so we give you 60% more sheets than charmin ultra strong. angel soft. be soft. be strong. entertainment news on this monday morning. victoria secret model ran das, took a nasty fall. she was able to get right back up and finish the show. painful. >>
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> alsnright, a touching tribute to tupac shikor. zplmpblts. at the box office, twe surprising halls, a perfect guy brought in over 26 million. the visit earned over $25 million. that's huge considering it cost just 5 million to make. mignon, speaking of nnney, they became the second most animated film in history after having a great opening in coin. the little guys made about $1.1 billion world wide. the most successful animated moeyvie of all time is still, though, "frozen" and friday donald trump spent some time in the mirror. >> we interviewing me, that's
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what i call a great id neea. >> it's a gorgeous idea because we thought of it. are you ready for the republican debate next week? >> you know the truth, i'm always ready. it's really going to be a big debate. but i'm always ready. it's not just big, it's. >> it's huge! huge, huge, huge, huge! >> i don't know who does it better? this is "early today." we hope this is your first of the day on nbc. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... ...maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu. the power to feel better. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience.
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just like they forgo conductor randy, who es all and forgets nothing. at least he's not constable bob. after brushing, listerine total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine total care to the total family. listerine total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth . looking at news, egyptian forces
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mistakenly killed 12. police were pursuing terrorists and absolutely fired on four cars filled with mexican tourists and egyptians. mexico's president condemned the attack. he is asking for extensive investigation into the killings. from our anchorage affiliate, a man urinated on passengers aboard anchorage to portland flight. listen to this, this 27-year-old man right there faces charges of criminal mischief. police say le woke up from a nap, stood up and began urinateing. when officers boarded the plane, they reportedly found him slumped over a seat. >> offensive littering? that's what we're going with? >> i didn't make up the story. those are some of the stories we are following with. a dramatic rescue in the alaskan waters. they saved three boaters sunday after their engine failed, a rescue helicopter traveled over 250 miles to respond to address call and document all just moments before that vessel ran aground.
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the oklahoma city skyline changed yesterday. two historic hotels were demolished. it took 8 seconds. boom. it came down quickly. locals gathered. the space is being cleared for a new headquarters of the banks of oklahoma. so did you ever think you'd hear of a contest just for yelling? foorm to you. over the weekend, in north carolina, they held a national hollering contest. it is an annual fundraiser for the local fire department. before the invention of the telephone, hollering used to be a form of every day communication over long distances a. country tradition with rich history hollering contests a. day filled with
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exhibits and a barbecue kickoff. >> you get yelled at a lot, didn't you? >> not. here's a look ahead, seattle public school, teacher's strike enters the second week over issues that include pay raises. happy birthday to these stars. keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. you won't be hollering. i'm betty lynn. thanks, for watching "early today." have a good one.
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right now crews working throughout the night after multiple manholes explode, shaking the streets and knocking out power. plus, finally on track. this morning the first rush-hour test for new york city's brand new subway station. and it feels like fall this morning. storm team 4 is tracking some temperatures we haven't seen in a while. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 4:30 a.m. on this monday, september 14th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> and i'm lynda baquero. >> let's check in with chris. it's pumpkin weather.
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>> easy now. back off. good morning. we have temperatures in the 50s. this is the first time we've been in the 50s since june 27th. it's been a long time. it's invigorating though. as we break it down for you, a cool early start. 40ins and 50s most places. sunshine, a few clouds mixing in, a gusty breeze. temperatures bounce back nicely into the mid and upper 70s this afternoon. it's a monday morning. it came fast, lauren scala. >> we have a lot of track work out there on the subways. 13 different lines. expect delays and service changes, including full or partial suspensions on the one, two, three, four, and l. at least the roads look good. more weather and traffic coming up. >> all right. thank you very much, lauren. right now crews are working to fix power problems on the upper west side caused by manhole
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explosions that rocked several blocks. tracie strahan is there. >> reporter: they seem to be putting cables underground, but it's right underneath a building that from what we can tell is still in the dark hours after a manhole fire seemed to erupt out of nowhere and knock out power. let's show you some viewer video of what it looked like last night. flames had been doused by firefighters. the fire department says there were reports of two different manhole fires, one on 107th street, the other here on 108. the power was knocked out to hundreds of residents and several businesses as well, startling many who said they heard a jolt. >> the lights had been flickering before that happened, so we knew something was up. we didn't know it was going to be an explosion. just a percussion from the building. so yeah, you felt the reverberation and everybody was like, what the heck was that? >> reporter: as we bring you back live, you can see
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con edison is working. we've reached out to their media department to see what the situation is. so far, no response. this building still in the dark, at least this one on the corner, because we've seen flash flights start up. probably people trying to get dressed in the dark on their way to work. a lot of these people allowed back inside, we're told, to check their co2 detectors and smoke detectors since the power was knocked out. we'll keep you updated on this situation. >> a lot of people walking up and down the stairs as well. all right, tracie. thanks so much. a different story this morning in new jersey where power has now been restored to residents in bergen county after a transformer explosion and fire there. thick black smoke billowed into the sky after an equipment failure sparked a massive fire at this utility's substation. the fire cut power to more than 2,000 pse&g customers. about 40 houses close to the flames were briefly evacuated.
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>> there was a small bang.


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